Ludlum Measurements' Open House

Ludlum Measurements' Open House
Background - woman in hard hat and safety glasses, Text - Open House & User Group Meeting. Sweetwater, Texas, USA. April 11-13, 2023

‍Ludlum Measurements, Inc. is excited to welcome our friends to Texas for our first-ever Open House and User Group Meeting, April 11-13, 2023.

Register today and join us for this FREE event, which will include facility tours and an exhibition of Ludlum’s family of companies as well as industry partners.

Best of all, Ludlum will provide extensive training including:

  • Ludlum’s Newest Product Offerings
  • Specialized Training and Demonstrations on Gate Monitors, Handheld Equipment, Hand & Foot Monitors, Personnel Monitors, and Small Article Monitors
  • Engineering Roundtables
  • N.O.R.M. Training
  • Calibration Classes
  • First Responder Training

We’ll also treat you to plenty of barbeque and Texas-style fun at our evening events.

Click the button below to fill out our brief registration form now or contact for more details. Hurry, space is limited!

L‍udlum Measurements, Inc.

501 Oak Street, Sweetwater, TX 79556

Phone: (325) 235-5494 | (800) 622-0828

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