The Latest from Ludlum - August 2022 Newsletter

The Latest from Ludlum - August 2022 Newsletter

‍17 October 2023 ‍ |

Happy Summer!

We've been busy this summer traveling to exhibitions. Thanks to everyone who came by during the HPS annual meeting in Spokane!

Des‍ign Change

Star-Drive Screws

Ludlum Measurements has begun using star-drive screws on our newer instruments, which currently include the Model 3100 and the Model 194. Star-drive screws are easier to put in and are designed to better resist stripping than Phillips or slot-drive screws. This change will only apply to new Ludlum instrument designs going forward Ludlum instruments not currently using star-drive screws will not be changed.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this change.‍

From The Trenches

Lumic Calibration Software
Lumic 1 for Model 3000 Series screenshot
Lumic 1 for Model 30 Family screenshot

Our ‍digital Model 3000 Series and Model 30 family of instruments are calibrated using the Ludlum Lumic Calibration Software. Using this software makes instrument calibration very quick and easy, requiring less work than calibrating most analog instruments. Learn more about the Lumic 1 Calibration Software by clicking the link below. (A future article will cover the newest version of the software, Lumic 2.)

Upcoming Training

Calibration training class

Intereste‍d in learning how to calibrate or repair Ludlum instruments?


We offer a two-day calibration training class every month, alternating between our Sweetwater, TX and Knoxville, TN locations.


A two-day repair training class is offered twice a year at our Knoxville, TN location.

Upcoming Calibration Training

Sep 13 - 14 (Knoxville)
Oct 4 - 5 (Sweetwater)

Nov 8 - 9 (Knoxville)

Upcoming‍ Repair Training

Nov‍ 10 - 11 (Knoxville)

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