Firmware Downloads

Listed here are the available firmware updates for our instruments. Software updates are available on the Software Downloads page.

Last Updated 06/05/2017

Model 9DP Series, including Model 9DP-1, Model 9DP*, and other variants.

A firmware update is available for the Model 9DP series of instruments. This affects all models including the Model 9DP, Model 9DP-1, Model 9DP*, and other variants. Version 3.0.3 works with new instruments and those instruments that went through our update process in 2014.


   thumb Firmware   

    Firmware - Version 3.0.3


  1. Download the file by clicking the link on this page
  2. Extract the file to the thumb drive
  3. Make sure the extracted files are in the root of the thumb drive. For example, if the thumb drive is Drive D, the firmware file should be D:\firmware.hex.
  4. Eject the thumb drive from the computer and insert it into the instrument.
  5. Turn the instrument on, it should beep immediately, and then show a blank white screen for several seconds while the firmware loads.
  6. The start-up screen should display the new firmware number (29307.3.0.3).


Model 3000 series (includes Model 3000, Model 3001, Model 3002, Model 3019, and Model 3276) firmware, if available, is located on the Downloads tab on each instrument's web page.