Pencil Dosimeters

Direct Reading

Model AT-138 Series


These direct reading dosimeters are rugged instruments that measure accumulated quantities of gamma and X-ray radiation. Applications include personal and environmental monitoring. The low-energy feature has hospital applications including fluoroscopy, portable radiography, and angiography. This pocket size instrument is lightweight and has a sturdy clip to attach to an individual’s pocket. Two models are available, click on either link below to learn more.

Model AT-138: 0-200 mR dose range, PN: 51-2936
Model AT-138S: 0-2 mSv dose range,  PN: 51-2937

Battery Powered Charger
Model AT-909 CE_Label
at-909 web

The Model AT-909 is a compact, lightweight instrument designed to charge the AT-138 Series of direct reading pocket dosimeters. These chargers use a single “D” cell battery capable of recharging dosimeters thousands of times.

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Piezolelectric Powered Charger
Model The Charger CE_Label
the charger web2

The Charger is available for charging the Model AT-138 Series of Pencil Dosimeters. It is designed to zero a variety of quartz and carbon fiber dosimeters simply by squeezing the lever of a piezoelectric generator. This unit does not require batteries.

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