Conveyor Contamination Systems

Standard System
 Model 375P-1000

This type of radiation monitor has a huge advantage over gateway systems as it allows the radiation detector to be exposed a few inches, not feet, from each article being monitored while traveling under highly controlled conditions. This type of a scan offers an optimum geometry and enhances detecting even weaker sources with much greater probability.

Ludlum's conveyor radiation detection system employs its standard Model 3500 scintillator detector which is identical to that used in its popular gateway systems (see Model 4525 series).  This detector  delivers superior sensitivity while supplying commonality of parts and operation familiarity.

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Laundry Monitor
Model 329-32  

This monitor is designed for automatically monitoring of both alpha and beta-gamma contamination on clothing or other light articles presumed to be free of radioactivity, or within release or reuse limits. A conveyor belt carries articles between two gas proportional detector arrays. An audible alarm will sound when contamination exceeds the given alarm setpoint. A light emitting diode (LED) array spans the width of each end of the laundry monitor. The LEDs show the position of the alarm on the conveyor, and provide the operator with the status of the machine.

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