Accessories - Instrument Handles

Ludlum offers a variety of  metal handles to go with its line of portable survey meters.  The two basic handle types are rolled and flat.   The flat handle is designed to accommodate a probe clip for convenient placement of the instrument probe.  

Instruments equipped with a scaler function receive a rolled handle with an integrated scaler start button.  When a probe clip is also desired, a flat handle with a control button is supplied.

Standard Rolled Handle
PN: 7363-139

rolled handle

Flat Handle
PN: 7363-203

Flat handle
Rolled Handle with Scaler Control
PN: 4408-178

round handle wtih button
Flat Handle with Scaler Control
PN: 4408-179

flat handle with button
Optional Lighted Handle
PN: 4464-154

lighted handle

Replace the standard survey meter handle with this self-contained illuminating handle that shines a white light across the meter face when encountering dark ambient conditions.  A three position rocker switch enables turning the light on and off plus a momentary position.  The LED light is powered by a single “AA” battery housed inside the handle and will power the light for up to 500 hours.