Accessories - Signal Converter Boxes

Model 296 & 296-1
Signal Switch Box


Model 296 switches between two input signals for a single output.  PN:47-1101

Model 296-1 switches between three signals for a single output.  PN: 47-1180

Both devices are equipped with “C” type connectors.

Model 297
Signal Splitter


Separates HV and counting signal.
Input connector:  type “C”
HV output connector:  MHV
Signal output connector: BNC

PN: 47-1578

Model T-1016
HV Divider Box


For use with a digital voltmeter to measure the HV up to 3000 Vdc.

    Detector connector: type “C”    
    DVM connector: binding posts
    Impedance:  2.5 Gigohm

    PN: 48-2147