Conveyor Monitor - Model 375P-3500
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Protecting steel mills against entry of loose radiation sources that can potentially contaminate them requires diligent attention. Failure can cost millions in fines and clean-up expenses. Ludlum's conveyor monitor offers added assurance by inserting a second line of defense.
Gateway monitors employed at the entrance to most facilities used to scan trucks and vehicles represent the first line of defense. These gateway systems are highly effective and catch loose sources before they enter your site. As any radiation detection expert knows that despite the effectiveness of the systems, they can be stretched to the limits of their ability whenever called upon to detect weaker sources deeply embedded and highly shielded in the middle of a large load.
The conveyor radiation monitor has a huge advantage over gateway systems in that it allows the radiation detector to be exposed a few inches, not feet, from each piece of scrap while traveling under highly controlled conditions. This type of a scan offers an optimum geometry and enhances detecting even weaker sources with much greater probability. The likelihood of escaping detection at this secondary process becomes highly remote. It is a small price to pay for detecting any sources which may have escaped attention at the entry point.
Ludlum's conveyor radiation detection system employs its standard Model 3500 scintillator detector which is identical to that used in its popular gateway systems (see Model 4525 series). This detector delivers superior sensitivity while supplying commonality of parts and operation familiarity. 

To reduce costs without compromising performance, the 375P-3500 system also utilizes Ludlum's highly popular Model 375 type controller that controls the detector, updates background, and carefully monitors the passing scrap metal passing. The controller can operate totally independently or be wired for remote annunciation or connected to an Ethernet network.

Model 375P-3500 system includes:
  • 1 ea. Model 375P electronics
  • 1 ea. 57.4 L (3500 in²) plastic detector with 15.2 m (50 ft) cable
  • 1 ea. 10 µCi check source
Optional Accessories include:
  • 12.7 cm (5 in.) diameter red alarm strobe with 15 m (50 ft) cable
  • 40 column date/time printer
  • Model 271 wired remote
  • Ethernet Kit