Emergency Response Kit - Model 14C-RK
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The 14C-RK Emergency Kit packages all the basic radiation measurement tools you are likely to need to handle a radiological emergency into a convenient carrying case to facilitate a quick response when required. The kit includes Ludlum's robust and versatile Model 14C Ratemeter, which houses an internal energy compensated GM tube to perform exposure rate measurements up to 2000 mR/hr. Responders can either plug in the external alpha-beta-gamma GM pancake probe (Model 44-9) for contamination measurements or the (Model 44-2) high-sensitivity gamma scintillator for locating the source of the high readings. The carrying case supplied with the kit is air- and water-tight, with cutouts in the included foam padding for each device. Additionally, a 137Cs check source to verify proper operation of the equipment and a check source holder are provided.
Compare with Models 2241-2RK and 2241-3RK2 emergency kits which offer additional capability.