Digital Radiation Monitor - Model 375-600
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The Model 375-600 is a highly integrated, high-sensitivity gamma measurement system. Unlike other systems where the detectors are separated from the controller and alarm indicators, this one combines all components into one convenient package, thus making installation simpler and less costly. The detector employed is a 10.3 L (630 in³) plastic scintillator, which is shielded on five sides with 0.32 cm (0.125 in.) lead. The controller is Ludlum's popular Model 375 digital controller, which is located at one end of the cabinet. A red strobe is mounted on the top along with a large, industrial strength alarm acknowledgement pushbutton. The detector is accessible from a removable panel, and the entire system sits on a plate, which can be bolted to the floor. See Model 375 for additional detail and available options.