Portable Scaler Option - Model L-4464-114

This option adds scaler counting capability to many of Ludlum's popular analog ratemeters. It includes a digital readout, rotary count time selector switch, and count control button. 

The scaler reading is presented on a 5½ digit LCD that can display counts up to 199,999. Any counts greater than this value will generate an overflow indicator.

The scaling time is selected by a rotary switch mounted on the bezel. The selections are 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2, and 10 minute counts.  The count is started or stopped by pressing and releasing the button mounted at the handle. The scaling accuracy is 2% of reading or better. 

When this option is implemented on a ratemeter equipped with an energy window or upper level discriminator control, the count result will be set per the WIN switch control. When the WIN switch is in the IN postion, only pulses within the window are counted.  When the window is in the OUT position, all pulses are counted.

Analog ratemeters that can be equipped with this option include: