Alpha/Beta Scaler - Model 3030E
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The Model 3030E is a dual channel, scaler-type sample counter electronics package that will accommodate many detector inputs from external sampler head/detectors. This design represents a significant improvement over older analog type scalers by providing greater utility and functionality.
The system incorporates independent backlit LCD readouts to support discriminated alpha and beta sample counting. The system features background subtraction, crosstalk correction, separate alpha/beta alarms, cpm/dpm operating modes, and a pre-scripted QC function with automatic reminder timer.
The instrument supports both 110 and 220 Vac operation and includes a trickle-charged gel-cell battery for portable offsite use up to eight hours. A wide-range, high-voltage power supply supports virtually any detector.
Status indicators located along the front panel inform the operator when another QC check is required, if the detector is nonfunctional, if it is operating in DPM or CPM mode, and if either an alpha or beta alarm setpoint has been exceeded. The count time is selected via a front panel rotary switch that enables count times ranging from 0.1 to 60 minutes or some other prescribed value as set up via a link to a PC. Other controls include a start count button, audio volume rotary adjustment, and instrument on/off switch.
An RS-232 output from the rear panel supports connection to either a printer or PC. Included in the price is PC control software, which is a Windows application that supports setup of the system, as well as collecting and logging all count results from the 3030E.

Recommended Sample Heads

Alpha only: Model 43-10

Alpha/Beta: Model 43-10-1