Ambient Dose Ion Chamber Survey Meter - Model 9DP*

The ambient dose version of the Model 9DP, designated as Model 9DP*, is a highly sensitive pressurized ion chamber meter that provides a measurement of exposure and exposure rate that is measured and displayed in accordance with, and based on, the ICRU (International Commission on Radiation Units) 30 cm tissue equivalent sphere. Simply described, the definition of ambient dose equivalent is the dose equivalent readout that would be measured at a (human) tissue depth of 10 mm. This requires a special ion chamber that can provide a conversion of the (air kerma) exposure rate to provide the ambient dose and dose rate. Just like the Model 9DP, the Model 9DP* can simultaneously display the *rate, integrated value, and highest *rate seen by the instrument. The integrated value can be reset (if desired) using one of the four convenient front panel mounted buttons.

The stunning 256K color, bit-mapped display provides an optimized presentation of the data, and it is accompanied with icons informing the user of the active functions and instrument status. All logged data can be written in csv format to a plugged-in industry standard USB thumb drive for convenient retrieval by a PC spreadsheet or database program. Alarms are manifested using color changes on the display and an acknowledgeable audio output.

The Model 9DP* is part of Ludlum's Dimension series employing state-of-the-art technologies that deliver tremendous capability, user-friendliness, and convenient PC connectivity. Instrument users have access to personal preference type settings by connecting directly to a USB keyboard (with no additional USB ports, and no integrated mouse or trackpad, such as LMI part 2312289). Ludlum also sells a Dimension Interface Package that facilitates complete setup and calibration programming under administrator-controlled password protection.
Firmware and software updates are occasionally available as downloads for this instrument. Check the Firmware Downloads and Software Downloads pages under the Support tab for updates and instructions.

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