Small Article Monitor - Model 54A

Automated, routine contamination frisker type instruments like Ludlum's Small Article Monitor is a well-proven methodology for ensuring that items leaving controlled areas are clean.  Ludlum's new Model 54A is a smaller version of the  Model 54 and incorporates identical  field-proven algorithms and features.  The 45.3 L (1.6 cubic foot) volume of the Model 54A offers greater convenience for monitoring smaller articles.   

Central to the design is the detector chamber, which is configured to deliver an optimized detection volume for articles that fit within the chamber. Thick 5 cm (2 in.) plastic scintillator detectors are specially designed and arranged to optimize the sensitivity throughout the chamber.  A stainless steel liner protects the detectors while facilitating decontamination. The chamber can be configured with either four or  six detectors, and either 2.5 or 5.1 cm (1 or 2 in.) of lead.  The lead is shipped separately and easily loaded on site.

The Model 54A is equipped with a single door, which can be mounted with either a left- or right-hand swing.  Hardened steel hinges, securely bolted to the instrument frame, employ ball-bearings to make operating the doors as easy as possible.  Very powerful, non-jamming, electromagnet-activated door locks are employed to keep the door locked until the count is completed or until an alarm is cleared depending upon the set-up.

Ludlum's new QPASS algorithms provide a means whereby administrators can optimize the settings best suited for their operations. QPASS additionally surpasses all other technologies via built-in intelligence that can automatically optimize settings as the count begins to deliver the most efficient and effective count possible.  It's a perfect balance between minimum count time and maximum sensitivity that affords eliminating a second count to verify any alarms.

Operational status and instrument condition is clearly presented to the operator via a 17.8 cm (7 in.) LCD touch screen.  The software displays are designed to be very intuitive and are accompanied by a large-size pushbutton to activate sample counting. There are also two smaller pushbuttons for updating the background or acknowledging any alarms.  The main counting scr