Integrated Pancake Frisker - Model 26

Frisking people and objects for alpha & beta contamination can be awkward because manipulation of the cable, detector, and electronics requires the use of both hands. The cable-less Ludlum Model 26 consolidates the electronics and the detector into one ergonomic housing. This optimized configuration incorporates a standard 15.51 cm² GM pancake probe, loud audio “click” output, and large auto-ranging LCD display with automatic back lighting into one convenient package, making it easier than ever to detect contamination.

Operation is kept extremely simple through the use of just two buttons. Another useful feature, especially when the display is not always directly visible, is the 'MAX' mode that captures the highest or peak count rate. The scaler mode, with a preset count time, allows the user to take a discrete measurement. This system also incorporates low power circuitry, delivering hundreds of hours of use with just two standard “AA” size batteries. The calibrator can protect parameters (cps/cpm, response time, alarm points, & scaler time) or allow the user to adjust them.
The Model 26 series may also be ordered with a standard 1/8 inch plug, mono headphone jack to better monitor the instrument's audible output in noisy environments. Part NUmber 4498-538. See more under the Options tab.

Energy Compensation Filter Products

Ludlum Measurements offers two energy compensation filters that flatten the energy response of the Model 26-series and Model 44-9, to facilitate measuring either the exposure rate or the ambient dose equivalent rate. The filters evens the response to within ±20% referenced to 137Cs (662 keV) over an energy range of 33 keV to 1.2 MeV for exposure and down to 20 keV for ambient dose equivalent.
Model 26 Integrated Frisker series
Model 26-1 DOSE: Model 26-1 with snap-on filter and replacement screen (PN 48-4007)
Model 26-1 EXP: Model 26-1 with snap-on Exposure Filter (PN 48-4006)
Model 44-9 GM Detector series
Model 44-9 DOSE: Model 44-9 detector with snap-on Dose Filter and replacement screen (PN 47-3789)
Model 44-9 EXP: Model 44-9 detector with snap-on Exposure Filter (PN 47-3788)
Energy Compensation Filter Kits
Ambient Dose Equivalent Filter Kit: includes snap-on filter and replacement screen (PN 2002-1050)
Model 26-series Exposure Filter Kit: includes snap-on Exposure Filter for Model 26 series (PN 4498-334)
Model 44-9 Exposure Filter Kit: includes snap on Exposure Filter for Model 44-9 series (PN 4002-1066)