Vehicle Radiation Monitor - Model 375P-1000V
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The Model 375P-1000V is a Digital Model 375 Controller coupled to two shielded 7866 cm³ (480 in³) plastic scintillator detectors. The detectors are encased in weathertight enclosures suitable for the outdoor environment, while the 375 Controller is normally mounted to a wall indoors near an operator. This system includes vehicle presence sensors that prevent the unit from alarming unless a vehicle is being surveyed and the alarm threshold has been exceeded.
This simple and cost-effective solution offers an effective system that is easy to operate and maintain. The controller supplies local alarms, but can also be connected to external alarms or even put onto an Ethernet network if desired. In addition, it has a 24-hour battery backup to keep the system operational in the event power is lost. See Model 375 for additional detail and available options.

Surface Contamination Inspection

Using hand-held instruments to inspect items can be time consuming in many cases. The Model 375P-1000V provides a more rapid and uniform inspection process by placing two relatively large sized scintillation detectors in proximity to the incoming or outgoing articles undergoing inspection. Both detectors are continuously monitored by the digital controller so any offending item can immediately trigger an alarm. Alarm conditions can be set up to automatically halt production conveyance devices, notify the central office, and even alert key personnel to initiate an immediate response.