Model 375 Webpage & Service Software - Model L-1370-077

The Ludlum Model 375 Webpage and Supervisor Service is a radiation network software package that collects and displays radiation levels and alarm status from up to  50 Model 375 type instruments. Using this interface, radiation data may be placed onto the Ethernet network for real-time monitoring, email alerts, and saved into a database.  Because the Supervisor software runs as a Windows Service, it continues running even if no user is logged onto the computer.
See live demo here, or go directly to the web camera here.
The radiation data is logged to a Microsoft SQL database and may also be logged to a comma delimited text file. The service can be configured to send an email alert when an alarm or failure occurs on any of the connected Ludlum Model 375 instruments. The installation CD includes a copy of MS SQL Server Express, which is a free version of the Microsoft SQL Server. The installation CD also has a copy of .NET Framework 2.0, which is a requirement of the SQL Server.
The service is used in conjunction with the Model 375 Webpage server application which provides a user-friendly interface to the data, requiring only a standard web browser. Up to 10 browsers can be connected to the database at any given time using the free version of SQL Server.  More users may be accommodated by purchasing a different version of SQL Server.
Complete the attached Model 375 Network Setting Request Form and submit it with your order so the instrument can be properly configured at Ludlum's factory to facilitate your network system.