Bluetooth LE® Option for Model 3000 Series - Model 4498-1024

The Model 3000 Series Bluetooth LE® Option provides an encrypted wireless data connection between the instrument and an Android or iOS mobile device. Using the Lumic Linker app, this option allows the user to perform the following actions from their connected device:

  • Remotely monitor live data
  • Remotely operate instrument buttons
  • Create, edit and submit field reports to the RadResponder Network*

The Lumic Linker app is available in the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.

The Bluetooth option is currently only available for the Model 3000 and Model 3001 instruments. This includes instruments purchased before this option became available. Please contact your sales representative if you wish to add this option to an existing instrument.


* RadResponder ( is the result of collaboration between several federal agencies to produce a robust, cloud-based, flexible platform for rapidly compiling collected data during radiological events.  It is designed to significantly improve the ability to manage an effective response to a radiological or nuclear emergency.

The RadResponder Network provides a central location for up-to-date information from operators in the field. Reported data includes user, radiometric survey, survey notes, and GPS location, as well as details about the instrument and detector being used. This information can be shared with  remote personnel instantly, greatly improving the speed and accuracy of  acquiring and reviewing survey data.