Gamma Area Monitor - Model 375-9
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The Model 375-9 Digital Wall-Mount Area Monitor is designed for visibility and ease of use. This monitor provides a fast response to pulsed fields by utilizing an external ion chamber covering any four consecutive decades between 1 ╬╝Sv/h and 1000 mSv/h (0.1 mR/hr and 100 R/hr). It features a wall-mount chassis and a four-digit LED display that is readable from 9 meters (30 feet) away. Backlit indicators warn of low radiation (yellow), high radiation (red), instrument failure (red), and low battery (yellow), along with an audible alarm. A green status light is a positive indication of instrument operation. Parameters are protected under a calibration cover.

Calibration is easily accomplished by moving the cal dipswitch to the right, and using the pushbuttons to increment or decrement the calibration constant, and alarm point parameters. Parameters are stored in non-volatile memory (retained even with power disconnected). A five-decade logarithmic analog output is provided. A battery backup provides 48 hours of additional use after the primary power is removed.