General Purpose Ratemeter/Scaler - Model 2241-3i

This instrument is a general purpose, digital ratemeter with a built-in scaler that provides timed counts over a user specified period. This system will store detector setup information for up to four detectors so trained personnel can change detectors in the field. The LCD presents readings in a four-digit moving decimal format together with one of a wide range of available units of measure and is accompanied by several operational & alert icons. The LCD backlight can be activated and remains lit for a user-adjustable interval. This instrument features adjustable alert & alarm setpoints for both the Ratemeter & Scaler modes. Front-panel controls include a rotary switch for selecting between Off, internal GM, and three external detector setups, separate switches for selecting between Ratemeter and Scaler Mode, audio on/off and fast/variable response time, plus push buttons for activating the LCD backlight and for either resetting the counts or acknowledging any alarms. Calibration, user configured alarms, scaler count intervals, and detector selection can be configured via an internally housed switchboard or through an RS-232 interface to a PC.