General Purpose Ratemeter/Scaler/Data Logger - Model 2360
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If you need to separately count alpha & beta concurrently and log the results, the Model 2360 will be the right tool. This instrument is an optimized Alpha Beta Ratemeter, Scaler, and Data Logger that offers a traditional analog readout supplemented with a digital LCD for the scaler function. This meter supports many different externally connected detectors; two of the more popular ones are noted below.

Up to 550 data points can be stored; each consisting of a sample number, date/time stamp, both alpha & beta sample measurements, and a 10 character location identifier. The location identifier can be input via an optional external device through the RS-232 serial port.
A front panel mounted three-way switch facilitates selecting alpha only, beta only, or alpha plus beta. Other controls include a rotary switch for selecting any of the four-decade ranges, battery test and instrument shut-off, a switch for viewing the high voltage or resetting the counts, an audio volume adjustment knob, a scaler count time selector rotary switch, and a handle mounted push-button for logging and starting scaler count cycles.

Recommended Detectors

Model 43-93, 100 cm² plastic scintillator
Model 43-68, 100 cm² gas proportional