Digital Background Survey Meter - Model 3019
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The Model 3019 is an ergonomically-designed, low-weight digital background survey meter used for background measurements of gamma radiation levels up to 500 µSv/hr (50 mR/hr). An internally installed Csl scintillator provides 175 cpm/µR/hr sensitivity. This instrument’s alarm set points can be designated through Setup Mode using the onboard keypad, or alternatively by USB connection via the optional software.  (Lumic Calibration Kit - Part Number 4498-1018, includes software and required cable)
Other features include a large, easily-readable LCD (liquid crystal display), piercing audio warning tone, and easy, intuitive design. Splash-resistant construction matched with a unit body made of durable, high-impact plastic enables this instrument to be used indoors or outdoors. The padded handle is shipped pre-configured for datalogging operations with the built-in logging push button and warning light, making the device ready if the customer chooses to acquire the optional datalog software (Lumic Datalog Kit - Part Number 4498-1019, includes software and required cable).
Operators can access several setting adjustments, including calibration constant, dead time correction, efficiency, high voltage, high voltage current overload level, pulse threshold, response time (fast or slow), count time, operational modes (Rate, Max, or Count), and minimum and maximum display levels. Primary and Secondary units, unit alarm levels, count un