Personal Radiation Monitor - Model 25
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The Model 25 is a conveniently small-sized device designed to warn users any time they are in a potentially harmful radiation environment. The design was specifically designed to warn emergency personnel entering into unknown environments but will equally serve anyone working near radioactive sources as in industrial type applications.
The unit will automatically alarm with a loud audible signal and blinking display when either the dose rate (0.01 mR/hr to 999 R/hr) or accumulated dose (0 to 1999 R) setpoints are exceeded. The dose is recorded until manually reset and is for use as reference only; it is not intended for legal dose recording. This small device can be worn on a belt, a lanyard, or armband, and is very simple to use and operate.

Other Versions of the Model 25

Model 25-1:     .001 mSv/h to 9.99 Sv/h dose rate, 0 to 999 Sv dose
Model 25-IS:    Intrinsically safe version of Model 25
Model 25-IS-1: Intrinsically safe version of Model 25-1

Accessories Included:

Rubber protective sleeve