Emergency Response Kit - Model 3001-2RK

The Model 3001-2RK consists of several dependable, high-quality detectors matched with the versatile Model 3001 survey meter. The devices are packaged in a rugged transport/storage case with all of the required batteries, cable, and calibration certificate for a radiation emergency response kit.
The primary instrument, the Model 3001, is an ergonomically-designed instrument with four selectable detector buttons, enabling the user to quickly exchange detectors in the field. Alpha, beta, and gamma surveys may be conducted in two sets of units. The desired unit is chosed by simply pressing the Units button. A color-coded button selects the desired detector. An internal switch is used to enable or disable the front-panel setup feature to protect desired settings from inadvertent modification. Three modes of operation - RATE, MAX, and COUNT - are available. A large backlit LCD screen, intuitive interface, piercing warning alarm, and durable, splash-proof construction mean the Model 3001 will be the instrument of choice for your kit.
Two detectors, the very popular Model 44-9 alpha/beta/gamma detector and the Model 44-2 high-energy gamma detector, accompany the Model 3001.
The transport/storage case includes dense pick-and-pluck foam, watertight capability, and hasps with padlock holes for additional security. A manual pressure relief valve is used in consideration of potential transport by aircraft.
Ludlum Measurements provides a 1 ┬ÁCi (137Cs) check source, check source holder, cable, and calibration certificate making this kit ready-to-go.