Area Monitor, Remote Display - Model 272D
CE Seal

INDICATED USE: remote display/annunciator for the Model 375 Digital Area Monitor
AUDIO: Sonalert-type speaker with enable/disable switch (greater than 68 dB at 0.61 m [2 ft])
DISPLAY: four-digit LED display with 2 cm (0.8 in.) digits
DISPLAY RANGE: 000.0 to 9999
DISPLAY UNITS: can be made to display in µR/hr, mR/hr, R/hr, µSv/hr, mSv/hr, Sv/hr, µrem/hr, mrem/hr, rem/hr, cpm, cps, and others
STATUS: green light, instrument functioning properly
Low Alarm: yellow light, 1 beep/second audible, selectable range: 0 to 9999
High Alarm: red light, 4 beeps/second audible, selectable range: 0 to 9999
Detector Fail: red light, constant audible tone > 68 dB at 0.61 m (2 ft)
Low Bat: yellow light, indicates less than two hours of battery life remaining
Audio: On/Off
Alarm Reset
POWER SUPPLIED BY: 120 to 240 Vac with 5.0 Vdc regulated output
CONSTRUCTION: aluminum with powder coat finish
TEMPERATURE RANGE: -20 to 50 °C (-4 to 122°F); may be certified to operate from -40 to 65 °C (-40 to 150 °F)
SIZE: 16.8 x 20.3 x 4 cm (6.5 x 8 x 1.56 in.) (H x W x D)
WEIGHT: 0.7 kg (1.5 lb)