Integrated Pancake Frisker - Model 26-1

The Ludlum Model 26-1 incorporates electronics and a time-tested GM (Geiger-Mueller) detector in an ergonomically designed, ruggedly-constructed, and water-resistant housing. The integrated unit is therefore cable-less thereby simplifying the process of frisking people and objects. The optimized configuration includes a standard 15 cm² GM pancake, loud audible “click” output, and large auto-ranging LCD display with automatic LCD backlighting. Model 26-1 has the addition of a Units button that can display measurements in terms of mR/hr, µSv/h, dpm, or Bq. These features are combined in one convenient package making it easier than ever to detect alpha/beta contamination and measure gamma fields on personnel and objects.

Operation of the Model 26-1 is kept simple through the use of just three buttons that are strategically placed for one-handed operation. Three modes of operation RATE, MAX, and COUNT, are available. The RATE mode will display current radiation levels in terms of rate. MAX mode captures the highest rate detected so it is possible to determine a peak rate during frisking operations when the display is not visible. COUNT mode allows the operator to perform a survey for a predetermined time. The user-selected units can display results in a measurement of scaler counts, activity (disintegrations), time-averaged rates, or even accumulated dose.

Low-power circuitry means two standard “AA” sized batteries deliver hundreds of hours of instrument operation. The parameters may be protected via internal dipswitch, or the calibrator may allow the user to adjust them. Other features include a backlight triggered by low-level ambient lighting (may be configured for “Continuous On” operation) and a click’ audio that may be silenced for both RATE and MAX modes.
The Model 26 series may also be ordered with a standard 1/8 inch plug, mono headphone jack to better monitor the instrument's audible output in noisy environments. Part Number 4498-538. See more under the Options tab.

Energy Compensation Filter Products

Ludlum Measurements offers an energy compensation filter that flattens the energy response of the Model 26-series and Model 44-9, to facilitate measuring the ambient dose equivalent rate. The filter evens the response to within ±20% referenced to 137Cs (662 keV) over an energy range of 20 keV to 1.2 MeV for ambient dose equivalent.
Model 26 Integrated Frisker series
Model 26-1 DOSE: Model 26-1 with snap-on filter and replacement screen (PN 48-4007)
Model 44-9 GM Detector series
Model 44-9 DOSE: Model 44-9 detector with snap-on Dose Filter and replacement screen (PN 47-3789)
Energy Compensation Filter Kits
Ambient Dose Equivalent Filter Kit: includes snap-on filter and replacement screen (PN 2002-1050)