Area Monitor Controller - Model 375
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The Model 375 is a versatile, compact, and very affordable digital electronic controller designed for monitoring radiation in areas. Its simple design accommodates many different detectors suiting a wide variety of applications, and is equipped with a local readout and alarms. These versatile units may also be connected to an optional auxiliary indicator/annunciators for alerting personnel at remote locations. The user-friendly, digital design enhances setup and operation. These units may also be networked to a central PC-based station where data are logged and alarms posted.
This affordable and very flexible system has found its way into many applications resulting in a full complement of detectors, accessories, and options that include remote indicator alarms, printers, relay outputs, weather-proof enclosures, Ethernet networking software, industrial cameras, and more. See Options Tab.
Sites requiring centralization of their data can link multiple 375 systems together via Ethernet and view them using a common web browser with the purchase of Ludlum's Webpage & Service Software. This program collects all data in real time, logs data, and annunciates any alarms. The system can also send intelligent email alerts to responsible personnel and capture a picture of whatever triggered an alarm anywhere optional Ethernet cameras are employed.
Here are examples of popular, pre-configured systems employing the Model 375 controller. Contact Ludlum to receive a quote for a system best meeting all your needs.

Preconfigured Area Monitoring Systems 

Model Detector Range
375/1 0.1 to 9999 µR/hr
375/2 0.1 mR/hr to 1.0 R/hr
375/4 1.0 mR/hr to 10 R/hr
375-9 0.1 mR/hr to 1,000 R/hr
375-10 1.0 µR/hr to 2,000 µR/hr

Preconfigured Gateway Monitoring Systems

Model Detector Size/Type 137Cs Sensitivity/Detector
375-20 Dual 5.1 x 5.1 cm (2 x 2 in.) NaI(Tl) 800 cpm/µR/hr
375-30 Dual 7.6 x 2.5 cm (3 x 1 in.) NaI(Tl) 1,200 cpm/µR/hr
375-600 Single 10320 cm² (630 in²) PVT 30,000 cpm/µR/hr
375P-1000 Dual 7866 cm² (480 in²) PVT 24,000 cpm/µR/hr

Preconfigured Waste Monitoring Systems

Model Detector Size/Type 137Cs Sensitivity/Detector
375-30 Dual 7.6 x 2.5 cm (3 x 1 in.) NaI(Tl) 1,200 cpm/µR/hr
375-32 Dual 7.6 x 2.5 cm (3 x 1 in.) NaI(Tl) 1,200 cpm/µR/hr
375-34 Four 7.6 x 2.5 cm (3 x 1 in.) NaI(Tl) 1,200 cpm/µR/hr
375P-336 Dual 2753 in² (168 in²) PVT 12,000 cpm/µR/hr

Legacy Model 375

Ludlum is transitioning products built around the Model 375 to its new version as depicted on this series of pages. The legacy Model 375 supplied prior to April/May 2010 is still provided on select models. Visit this page to see which version is supplied for each of the monitors identified above.
Ludlum Measurements also offers a Dual-Channel version of the Model 375 that links two units: Model 375-Dual (part number 48-2369)