Frisker/Area Monitor - Model 3276
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The Model 3276 is an ergonomic, versatile instrument that can be used for multiple radiation detection or measurement purposes. Its design allows it to be used as either a frisker or as an area monitor. It features the ability to measure radiation in count rate, exposure rate/dose, activity rate, integrated exposure/dose, time-averaged rates, and scaler counts. The Model 3276 may utilize either internal or external radiation detectors to detect alpha, beta, or gamma radiation.

When used as an area monitor, the mode choices can be limited to just the RATE mode, appropriate for constantly scanning the radiation level. The units can also be limited to a single set of radiation units so that the display is always showing the same measurement. When used as an area monitor, the audio is limited to activating on an alarm condition, and not the click-per-event or sigma audio more appropriate to frisking.

The instrument features a large backlit LCD (liquid crystal display), a piercing audio warning, and easy, intuitive use. The unit body is made of lightweight, rugged aluminum. It is not intended for outdoor use and should be protected from splashing water. The attached metal handle allows a user to transport it between sites.

Setup of the instrument is accomplished through the front-panel buttons, or through software available from Ludlum Measurements. The advanced user or administrator can set:
  • Calibration Constant
  • Dead Time Correction
  • Efficiency
  • High Voltage
  • Pulse Threshold
  • Detector Current Overload Threshold
  • Loss of Count Alarm Time
  • Primary and Secondary Units
  • Primary and Secondary Minimum and Maximum Displays
  • Primary and Secondary Unit Alarm Levels
  • Primary and Secondary Count Units
  • Primary and Secondary Count Units Minimum Displays
  • Primary and Secondary Count Alarm Levels
  • Response Time
  • Auto-Response Rate (Fast or Slow)
  • Available Operational Modes
  • Count Time
  • Auto Shutdown Time
  • Area or Frisker Mode
  • Sigma or Click Audio Mode
Front-panel setup can be disabled via the internal switch on the Model 3276 in order to protect settings from inadvertent changes. 
The unit is operated with a wall-mounted DC supply that provides 9 VDC to the instrument and has interchangeable prongs to operate on 100-250 VAC at 50–60 Hz. In most areas of the world.  Four alkaline "AA" batteries supply backup power for operation from -20 to 50 °C (-5 to 122 °F). Battery life is approximately 50 hours under normal usage. A low-battery indicator on the LCD warns when less than 16 hours of battery life remain.