FCI Repair & Calibration


Fixed Contamination: Radioactive material that cannot be readily removed from surface by nondestructive means, such as casual contact, wiping, brushing or laundering.

Ludlum Measurements, Inc. is now licensed to perform repairs and calibrations on instruments with fixed contamination for the nuclear power plant industry and/or specifically licensed nuclear service providers.

Instructions for a Nuclear Power Plant and/or specifically licensed nuclear service provider to send instrument(s) with fixed radioactive contamination to Ludlum Measurements, Inc.

     1. The shipment from the NPP / LSP containing fixed contamination instruments must be clearly indicated on the Fixed Contamination Instrument (FCI) Return Goods Form.

     2. The FCI Return Goods Form shall contain an itemized listing of contents and state the level of fixed contamination on each item and if possible, the approximate location the contamination is located.

     3. The maximum level of fixed contamination shall not exceed 200 nCi total activity per item and/or the dose rate shall not exceed 1 mR/hr at 1 cm.

     4. The allowable removable contamination limits for our facility are none or zero. Any removable contamination detected and the shipment shall be returned to the customer, along with any item that became contaminated due to the deposition of removable contamination i.e. gloves, leak test swab, etc.

     5. The outside of the box shall be marked in letters visible, legible and a minimum of 25 mm in height on 4 sides the letters "FCI".

     6. The shipment shall be addressed: Ludlum Measurements, Inc. Attn: FCI Dept, 501 Oak St, Sweetwater, TX 79556

     7. Packages that contain contamination instruments not following the above will be returned to the consignor unrepaired/uncalibrated at the customer's expense.

NOTE: Ludlum Measurements' Radioactive Materials License allows us to accept fixed contaminated goods from Nuclear Power Plant Customers and/or specifically licensed nuclear service providers ONLY.

Examples of shipments being returned unrepaired/uncalibrated with the standard FCI fee:

     • Instrument is sent to incorrect address

     • Instrument contains loose or removable contamination

     • Instrument is not sent with correct FCI Return Goods Form

     • package is not clearly marked as FCI

CLICK HERE for our FCI Return Goods Form. 

(Download and view form in Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out)