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Ludlum Measurements, Inc. Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Don Ludlum's company has grown significantly since its humble beginning back in 1962. Today, the company has 7 divisions, employs over 500 people, and has US-based facilities in Texas and Tennessee, and another in Uxbridge of the UK. The product line has grown from its start with survey meters to a full line of radiation detection instrumentation, serves multiple key markets, and has sales representatives in over 85 countries throughout the world.

Ludlum now employs over 500 people overall, including its operations outside Sweetwater. The company also owns and operates seven divisions at this time. In addition to Ludlum Measurements Inc., the company now includes Eljen Technology, ADIT, ETEL, West Texas Molding, Ludlum Medical Physics, and Protean Instrument.

When asked what he thinks the company's most significant contribution to the radiation protection industry is, Don quickly says "customer service." "We support products long after we produce them." The company will continue to service a product that has been superseded by something else more than once. That's because Ludlum Measurements is a company that works hard to serve customers as individuals.

The fact that Ludlum's products have long lives is something Don is proud of, and he wants to allow customers to continue using a product as long as it matches their requirements. However, Don says that Ludlum Measurements' greatest success - customer service - is what will be its greatest challenge to sustain in the future.

Times haven't always been great for Ludlum. Don considered selling the company in the early 1970s when he faced some difficult times. Don has received many offers for his company over the years. However, he didn't want to see Ludlum Measurements become another corporate giant that forgot about customer service. "In order to help the customer, you have to stay small," he says.

It's not just the amount of profit a company earns that makes it exceptional, but how the business impacts its community overall.

If you'd like to read about the history of Ludlum Measurements, download the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet (PDF). The commemorative booklet containsinsights and bios of Ludlum Family Employees, long-tenured employees, and more details about the creation and growth of the company.   LMI 50th Anniversary Booklet
50th Anniversary Interview with Don Ludlum   See our interview with Don Ludlum. Founder and CEO, Don Ludlum highlights some of the more memorable moments in LMI's 50 year history and looks ahead to the future of radiation detection.


On February 15th, 2012, the Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce held a community reception to recognize Ludlum Measurements, Inc.'s 50th Anniversary. The company, and it's founder, Don Ludlum were recognized for 50 years of outstanding community support. Mayor Greg Wortham read a the city proclomation declaring February 15 as Official Ludlum Day.

Recognition of 50 Years Community Service   Presentation of Ludlum Drive and Proclamation of Ludlum Day   50th Anniversary Gift from Atlantic Nuclear   Hearts of Brass Band playing Happy Birthday
Recognition of 50 Years Community Service   Presentation of Ludlum Drive and Ludlum Day in Sweetwater, Texas   Reception of Gift from Atlantic Nuclear Corp.   Hearts of Brass Band playing Happy Birthday